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Thanks for your interest in becoming sponsored by HornBlasters!

Our sponsored customers represent HornBlasters as brand ambassadors everywhere they go by showing off their builds, sharing on social media and promoting the honk life. If you are an expert in automotive content, working on a crazy build and have a passion for our industry, please fill out the information below.

In order to qualify for sponsorship consideration, all fields below including the “required” section must be filled out. All submissions will be verified prior to being contacted by HornBlasters.

Requirements Include:
  • Following HornBlasters on various social media platforms.
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  • At least one post on social media.
  • List us in one of your social media profiles.

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IMPORTANT: All HornBlasters products are expected to be installed 100%, in working order and installed professionally. Attention to timing and detail is very important as you are responsible for your success. If you have any questions about the process or expectations please ask before placing your order. Your performance during this sponsorship year will directly reflect future sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us directly if there are any issues or problems preventing completion. Failure to complete agreed upon requirements will deny any future sponsorship applications for a minimum of one year.