AccuAir E-level With Touch Pad

Automatic Leveling System


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The industry standard for air suspension due to its ease of use, reliability and accuracy,  the Accuair E-level sensor with TouchPad gives you the control and smooth ride your vehicle deserves. The Accuair E-level utilizes height sensors at each of the four corners of your vehicle to automatically detect your vehicle’s height from the ground and adjust the pressure in your airbags accordingly. Thanks to its RideMonitor™ Mode, the Accuair E-level will learn how your suspension works overtime even while you drive, adjusting for turning and braking, giving you the smoothest ride you have ever experienced.

The Accuair E-level is controlled by the cutting-edge touchpad controller, giving you the ability to jump to three different user programmed heights, do a complete air dump to park your vehicle and automatically lift upon starting your vehicle. With a plug and play wiring harness, installation of the E-level with TouchPad is incredibly easy and once initial calibration is done, the Accuair E-level with Grey Cerakote TouchPad will automatically calibrate to ensure the smoothest ride at any height you desire. The Accuair E-level with TouchPad also has the ability to link to your smartphone with the help of the optional Accuair I-Level Wi-Fi Adapter. The Accuair E-level with TouchPad requires no user tuning and can be used on any vehicle.

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  • Three Programmable Ride Heights
  • Ride Monitor Mode
  • TruPosition Height Sensors 
  • Ride Height On Start
  • Anti Cross Loading
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Manages Air Compressor
  • Plug-N-Play
  • Accuair E-level ECU
  • Accuair  TouchPad
  • Ride Height Sensors
  • All Plug N Play Wiring
  • Part Number: AA-EL-TPAD
  • No. Savable Heights: 3 & All-Down
  • Voltage Requirements: 9.5-16 Volts
  • Current Requirements: 15 Amps (Max)
  • Valve Output: (8) 12-volt solenoid valves up to 3 Amps each (any brand)
  • Compressor Output: 3-Amps Max
  • Tank Pressure Range: 110 psi ON; 150 psi OFF
  • Connectors: IP67 certified (immersion up to 3 ft)
  • TouchPad Connector: USB - Mini B
  • Position Accuracy: 1/8” at wheel while parked or driving
  • Leveling Response Time: 5 seconds parked / 45 seconds driving

Warnings & Notices

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This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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