Accuair Endo VT 2 Corner 3 Gallon Bronze Cerakote


  • AccuAir's ENDO-Tank is the backbone of the ENDO platform, its features and quality make it the perfect centerpiece to an air management system and will be ready for a modular upgrade when you are. Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum and assembled with ultra-high-strength bolts, this weld-less tank has shown to be free from leaks. Also, this tank features a precision machined fit and finish. Flush ports and mounting points are CNC-machined directly into the aluminum body. With Integrated 2 Corner Valves. This system is a Tank and Valve combination making it perfect for the heart of your Air System. And allowing for easy Service done on the tank. Also, this tank has a Bronze Cerakote Finish.This Tank has 4 1/8" Ports, 3 1/4" Ports, 2 3/8"Ports, & 1 1/2" Port.
    1. Integrated 2 Corner Valves
    2. Built-In Valve Flow Controls
    3. Fully Filtered & Rebuildable Fittings
    4. Bolted Construction
    5. DOT Rated & Tested
    6. Certified to 200 PSI & Burst Rated to 1324 PSI
    7. No-Welds (Seamless) 
    8. Extruded Internal Ribs Providing Clamp-less Attachment of Endo Mounts
    9. Fully Serviceable
    10. Cerakote Bronze
    11. 3 Gallon
    12. Made & Assembled in the USA.
    1. Accuair Endo VT 3 Gallon Bronze
    2. Integrated 2 Corner Valves
    3. Built-In Flow Controls
    1. Part Number: AA-ENDO-VT23-BRC
    2. Length: 18.31"
    3. Diameter: 6.6"
    4. Safety Blow Off: 400 PSI Blow Off
    5. Ports: 4x 1/8" , 3x 1/4" , 2x 3/8" , 1x 1/2"  


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.