Accuair Endo CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank

Raw, Black, Bronze, & Gray


Representing the largest leap in pneumatic technology in 100 years, Accuair has delivered a game-changing air tank that comes with a powerful compressor and advanced air tank installed inside of the tank itself. Saving you tons of install space and time while giving you unparalleled power and control, the Accuair ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank is the all-in-one onboard air solution suspension enthusiast have been waiting for. 

At the heart of the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank lies the world’s first compressor mounted inside of the air tank. In a collaboration with vehicle technologies giant Wabco, Accuair has delivered a powerful new compressor that refills the tank with completely dry air at a rate twice as fast as the current market standard compressor. With a max rating of 200 PSI and a recharge time of 36 seconds from 160-200 PSI, the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank is perfectly suited to power your air ride. Patent-pending primary and secondary isolation systems that softly suspends the compressor inside the tank body, giving the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank near-silent operation. 

Giving you complete control over your air ride, Accuair has designed an advanced 4-corner valve that fits securely in the removable endcap of the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank. Utilizing Accuair’s patented VFC™ (variable flow control) adjusters, you can customize your ride’s lift and drop by controlling the speed of each corner and each direction individually. Accuair even included four 3/8" ports with built-in fittings that are FFPTC (fully-filtered-push-to-connect), giving you easy access to debris-free air and eliminating the risk of debris-induced problems that are typically seen in other valves. 

As advanced as the compressor and valve are, the real leap in pneumatic technology comes from the modular and weldless design of the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank itself. Precision machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank is certified for up to 200 PSI and burst tested for an insane 1324 PSI of pressure. The weldless design of the ENDO CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner Tank has proven to prevent leaks and allows for easy disassembly for maintenance and future upgrades.

This tank is available in a Raw finish, Black Cerakote finish, Bronze Cerakote finish, or a Grey Cerakote finish.

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  • Built-in Wabco Air Compressor
  • Integrated 4 Corner Valves
  • Built-In Valve Flow Controls
  • Fully Filtered & Rebuildable Fittings
  • 400 PSI Safety Blow-Off
  • Bolted Construction
  • DOT Rated & Tested
  • Certified to 200 PSI & Burst Rated to 1324 PSI
  • No-Welds (Seamless) 
  • Extruded Internal Ribs Providing Clamp-less Attachment of Endo Mounts
  • Fully Serviceable
  • 3 Gallon
  • Made & Assembled in the USA.
  • Accuair Endo CVT 3 Gallon 4 Corner
  • Built-in Wabco Compressor
  • Integrated 4 Corner Valves
  • Built-In Flow Controls
  • Part Number: AA-ENDO-CVT43
  • Length: 18.31"
  • Diameter: 6.6"
  • Safety Blow Off: 400 PSI Blow Off
  • Ports: 4x 1/8"
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