Accuair Endo CVT 4 Corner 3 Gallon Bronze Cerakote


  • Accuair's ENDO-Tank is the backbone of the ENDO platform, its features and quality make it the perfect centerpiece to any air management system. Becoming the first in the Industry to integrate a Compressor into the tank! Accuair teamed up with Wabco to bring you the quietest, most efficient, and moisture free air compressor on the market! This compressor can run up to 200 PSI! Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum and assembled with ultra-high-strength bolts, this weld-less tank has shown to be free from leaks. Also, this tank features a precision machined fit and finish. Flush ports and mounting points are CNC-machined directly into the aluminum body. With Integrated 4 Corner Valves. This system is a Compressor, Tank, and Valve combination making it perfect for the heart of your Air System. And allowing for easy Service done on the tank. This Tank has two 1/8" Ports on each end cap.
    1. Integrated 4 Corner Valves
    2. Built-In Valve Flow Controls
    3. Bronze Cerakote Finish
    4. Fully Filtered & Rebuildable Fittings
    5. Bolted Construction
    6. DOT Rated & Tested
    7. Certified to 200 PSI & Burst Rated to 1324 PSI
    8. No-Welds (Seamless) 
    9. Extruded Internal Ribs Providing Clamp-less Attachment of Endo Mounts
    10. Fully Serviceable
    11. 3 Gallon
    12. Made & Assembled in the USA.
    1. Accuair Endo CVT 3 Gallon Bronze Cerakote
    2. Integrated 4 Corner Valves
    3. Built-In Flow Controls
    1. Part Number: AA-ENDO-CVT43-BRC
    2. Length: 18.31"
    3. Diameter: 6.6"
    4. Safety Blow Off: 400 PSI Blow Off
    5. Ports: 4x 1/8" 



This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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