Wireless Compressor Controller Kit


This package comes with everything you need to wirelessly control you load-leveling system. Installation requires no wires to be ran into your cab, and a wireless handhelp unit makes for convenient operation inside or outside of the vehicle. Thehandhelp unit is only about the size of a garage door opener and very easy to use. This "wireless air" kit controls two air bags independently for maximum control. Set your most frequently used pressures and switch easily between them with two user-defined memory buttons. With these advanced diagnostic controls, you never have to worry about your system malfunctioning. This kit includes a high quality Air Lift compressor, inflation/deflation module, and a wireless remote control. This revolutionary air control system makes controlling air helper springs convenient and worry free.


  • Controls Two Air Springs Independently
  • Wireless Hand Held Unit For Convenient Operation
  • Advanced Diagnostics For Safety/Peace of Mind
  • Automatically Maintains Set Pressures
  • Compact Remote the Size of Garage Door Opener
  • Memory Buttons For Frequent Used Settings
  • Includes Compressor, Manifold, Control Box
  • Kit Includes

  • Air Compressor
  • Inflation/Deflation Module
  • Wireless remote control