Compresores de aire de 12 voltios para trabajo pesado

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    Kit de compresor de aire Dual Air-Zenith OB2
    Constant Duty – 200 PSI / 8.00 CFM
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    Precio habitual $829.99 Precio de oferta$798.00 Guardar $31.99
    Refurbished Oasis XD3000 Military Grade Air Compressor
    Compresor de aire de grado militar Oasis XD3000
    Heavy Duty – 200 PSI / 15.0 CFM
    Precio habitual $1,949.00 Precio de ofertaDe $1,754.10 Guardar $194.90
    Refurbished Oasis XD4000 Military Grade Air Compressor
    Heavy Duty – 200 PSI / 15.0 CFM
    Precio habitual $2,299.00 Precio de oferta$1,854.10 Guardar $444.90


    How to Choose a 12 Volt Air Compressor?

    When selecting a 12 volt air compressor, consider these key factors:

    1. Performance Specifications: Look at the maximum pressure (PSI) and airflow (CFM) ratings to ensure the compressor meets your needs.
    2. Power Source: Ensure it's compatible with your vehicle’s power system, typically connecting directly to the battery.
    3. Portability: When considering a portable 12V air compressor, size and weight are crucial, especially if you plan to move it frequently. However, if mounting the compressor, ensure it fits properly in your vehicle or designated space without hindering other functions.
    4. Duty Cycle: This indicates how long the compressor can run before it needs to cool down. A longer duty cycle is beneficial for extensive use.
    5. Additional Features: Our compressors come with automatic shut-off and thermal protection, designed for fixed installations in air systems. Optimized for reliability and safety, they are ideal for setups where specific functionality and space efficiency are critical.

    Research and compare different models and brands to find one that offers the best balance of price, performance, and durability.

    What is a 12V Compressor Used For?

    A 12V compressor is typically used for a variety of applications, including:

    • Tire Inflation: Commonly used to inflate car tires, as well as tires for bikes, motorcycles, and small trailers.
    • Powering Air Horns: Often used in vehicles to operate air horns.
    • Air Suspension Adjustments: Can be used to modify air pressure in vehicle suspension systems for better ride quality.
    • Recreational Uses: Useful for inflating sports equipment, small watercrafts, and camping gear like air mattresses.

    This versatility makes 12V compressors a popular choice among vehicle owners and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Can You Use a 12V Compressor for Air Tools?

    12V compressors can power some air tools, but their suitability largely depends on the air requirements of the tools. These compressors are generally suitable for smaller air tools that don't require high volumes of air or continuous operation. For example, they can be used with staple guns, brad nailers, and small impact wrenches. However, for more demanding air tools like larger impact wrenches or sanders, a more powerful compressor with a higher CFM output may be necessary.