Nathan Airchime P3 Train Horn Kits

    Well-known and heavily used in the railroad industry throughout the 1950s into the 1970s like its bigger brother the P5. The Nathan Airchime P3 is a 3-chime sand-casted masterpiece ready to bring the tone of some of the most iconic locomotives of the past to your vehicle!

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    Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn AH-P3
    Nathan AirChime P3 Bocina de tren
    Authentic Locomotive Horn & Loudest Available!
    Precio habitual $2,267.99 Precio de oferta$1,700.99 Guardar $567.00
    Nathan AirChime P3 540 Kit de bocina de tren
    7-Second Honk Time & Weather Resistant
    Precio habitual $3,011.99 Precio de oferta$2,258.99 Guardar $753.00