This brief article serves to explain how the tire inflation kit can be installed onto our 2MC kits. These kits feature our 2MC air source kit, a 2-gallon tank with an air compressor mounted on top of the tank. Let's get started.

Parts Needed



Getting Started

Let's get started by locating the 1/4" flush-mount plug on the side of the tank. The plug can be found in between the safety blow-off and drain cock fittings.

Using the 6mm allen key, place the short end of the wrench into the hex key. This plug is sealed in with thread-locker and will be very tight. This is normal. Position the allen key so that it points towards the left, or #9 on a clock. You can use your hand or a rubber mallet for the next part. Hit the allen wrench downwards (towards the floor, or #6 on a clock) with some force. This will break the plug loose so that you can loosen it up easier. You may have to hit it a few times to break free. Once loose, continue to turn the plug counter-clockwise until it comes out of the tank.

Plumbing (Tank Side)

At this point, the hard work is over and the rest is fairly simple. Start by locating the two 1/4" NPT x 1/4" Compression fittings that came with the inflation kit.

These two fittings will be used to bring line out of the tank and into our air chuck. Let's start by plumbing one of these fittings into the tank.

Make sure this fitting is plumbed in nice and tight. Use your adjustable wrench and rotate the fitting at least once clockwise to fully tighten it up. Go ahead and remove the ferrule (nut) from the fitting to expose the barb.

Take the nut and slide it over the air line before you press the line onto the barb fitting. Make sure the threaded side (female) of the nut is facing towards the fitting/tank.

Firmly press the line over the barb fitting. Ensure the line is fully seated around the barb. You don't want it sitting on there halfway. The image below is a good example of how it should sit.

Go ahead and slide the nut up to the fitting. Tighten it up by hand, and use the adjustable wrench to finish tightening the fitting up.

Plumbing (Air Chuck)

Let's start by putting this assembly together. Locate the L-shaped mounting bracket and air chuck. You will also need the second compression fitting. Check out the image below. These three pieces will go together in this order.

Plumb the compression fitting through the bracket and into the air chuck. Make sure to wrap the compression fitting with Teflon tape otherwise it will not tighten up into the chuck very well.

The compression fitting will hold the chuck in place on your bracket. You may need to use an adjustable wrench to fully tighten the fitting up. At this point, go ahead and remove the nut from the compression fitting and plumb the line onto it like we did for the tank.

At this point you're almost done. Locate a suitable spot to mount your chuck, and use two screws through the bracket to secure the mount. We usually see the air chuck mounted on the bumper near the license plate for easy access. Your 30' coil hose can be hooked up to this coupler to provide air for inflating tires, toys, or other inflatables.

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