Meet Matt Heller, the man who started it all.

Matt's life was never ordinary. At the age of 16, after being expelled from high school for hacking a government website, Matt was recruited by the FBI’s Cyber Squad in New Orleans. He worked a few jobs in retail and merchandising, but his heart was always in starting his own business. While working for the FBI he developed a passion for locomotive horns, but back then it was just a hobby. He had no idea he would someday turn his passion into a legacy.

Fast forward to 2002, Matt was driving a lowered “mini” truck at the time, which meant he was harder to see driving down the road. This frustrated him, and he wanted to come up with a way to give other small vehicle drivers a voice on the road. He decided to come up with a solution to handling bad drivers once and for all. Matt had this idea to take a train horn from a locomotive and fit it on his truck. He spent his time perfecting his craft wherever he could find the space, whether that was in his bedroom, in a friend’s back yard or out the back of his truck. Parts from the plumbing aisle at the hardware store were all over his room. Soon after, his first homemade air horn was born.

After the success of his prototype, Matt started experimenting with his own car horns, taking an air-powered horn and hooking it up to his air tanks. He figured out a system that worked, and before long, HornBlasters Inc. was born. The first sales came right out of the back of his pickup truck and eventually his garage. Since 2002, HornBlasters has come a long way introducing the world to train horns on cars and trucks.

Since HornBlasters was founded, it has expanded into air suspension, on-board air solutions, load support, and even electric air horns. Making the roads safer one horn at a time has been Matt’s mission, along with providing a stellar customer experience.

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