Meet Matt Heller, the man who started it all.

Matt Heller, the driving force behind HornBlasters, was fed up with feeling invisible on the roads. As he commuted to work each day, he was constantly being run off the road by reckless drivers. Determined to make a change and be seen and heard, Matt turned to his childhood fascination with air horns as a solution. He realized that by bringing the massive sound of real locomotive horns to everyday vehicles, he could not only ensure his own visibility on the road, but also make the roads safer for others.

With this epiphany, Matt set out to make his vision a reality. He began selling air horns out of the back of his pickup truck, operating out of his bedroom warehouse. The demand for his products was so high that it wasn't long before he outgrew this makeshift setup and decided to leave his day job to focus on HornBlasters full-time.

Since then, HornBlasters has become a leader in the consumer air horn and safety device market. While other companies have tried and failed to replicate their success, HornBlasters has continued to innovate and set the standard for quality and customer service. They believe in using only the highest quality components and being upfront and honest with their customers, going above and beyond to ensure a positive experience even years after a purchase.

What sets HornBlasters apart from their competitors is their commitment to their customers. They offer a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry, with a live person standing by to help their customers for as long as they own a HornBlasters product. This dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of their mission, which remains the same as it was when Matt first started out of his bedroom all those years ago: to make the roads safer while bringing a little fun to the commute. If you're tired of feeling overlooked on the roads, HornBlasters has the solution. Don't blow your temper, blow your horns.

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