MATT'S 2016 DODGE RAM 2500

If you haven't checked Matt out on Youtube and Instagram @Diesel_Harm you are missing out. Aside from his killer 2016 Dodge 2500 build displayed here and on his channel. He produces very informative content for the Dodge community while providing honest reviews on functionality and performance of the parts being used. From the step by step installation walkthroughs and explaining each individual parts purpose, Matt provides you with everything you need to know when tackling the aftermarket accessories for your Dodge truck.

Underneath the rear of his truck you can find our Conductor's Special 244K Spare Tire Delete Kit installed in the spare tire location. Due to the increased tire size the spare was no longer useful. Making our Spare Tire Delete the perfect option for all of that open space!

If you're interested in checking out Diesel Harm Matt's spare tire delete installation video. You can find it in the link below!

Instagram: @Diesel_Harm379
Youtube: Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm


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