1987 Humvee Train Horn Install


This is Chase with Prodigy TVs' Humvee built for the 2021 SEMA show! As you can see this isn't your typical truck build you find at every truck show. Pulled straight from battle and ready to handle any terrain thrown at it. The Humvee features a custom set of tracks to esnure it can handle whatever you put it through! Of course with something so exhilarting we had to add some horns that match its energy!

Mounted on top like it was the original machine gun, you will find a massive KM-110 air horn. This is what we call our Warship Horn! Straight from a battleship and ready to send an audible blast for miles! Attaching the horn to the mounting platform on the top of the Humvee gives it the ability to spin 360 degrees. Allowing him to give the full power of its blast in any direction!

Now we figured the single deep tone produced by the Warship horn was going to supplement this beast nice. But we decided to step it up a notch and add the loudest train horn we manufacture to the mix! Mounted in the front wheel wells you will find our Shocker XL train horn with two bells mounted on each side. Tucked away nicely and ready to blast at any moment, the Shocker XL gives the Humvee the loudness and tone of a locomotive at a push of a button!

With the combination of the extremely deep tone produced by the Warship Horn and the harmonic train horn tone of our Shocker XL. Chase will definitely draw just as much attention with the sound and loudness it produces as he does with the unique style this build utilizes. Whether it's going 12 foot deep in the nearest retention pond or driving the streets of Vegas, you can find Chase on his Youtube channel Prodigy TV where he has a blast putting this beast through just about anything you can think of!

Youtube:   ProdigyTV
Instagram:   _prodigy.tv
TikTok:   ProdigyTVOfficial

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