Introducing "The Deniathian," Caleb's once standard 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD, now transformed into a colossal spectacle on wheels with a towering 24" Stryker Suspension lift, unyielding Road Armour Bumpers, 28" American Force Wheels, and robust 40" Fury Tires. However, a beast of this magnitude demanded an equally formidable sound. Enter the revered Nathan Airchime K5LA, an authoritative horn that feels as much at home on this rugged giant as it would atop a locomotive, standing unmatched in its prowess.

Opting for authenticity over imitation, the K5LA, often hailed as the "Godfather of Train Horns," was the only choice for a truck with such a bold demeanor. Sourced from retired locomotives, the K5LA undergoes a meticulous reconditioning process at our facilities. This process rejuvenates the horn with fresh internals, hardware, and a sleek black finish, ensuring it arrives ready to astound, both in appearance and performance.

To securely cradle this cast aluminum horn, our Goliath Train Horn Mount was enlisted. Crafted from 1/4" American Steel, the Goliath is a robust bracket engineered to withstand any challenge. It boasts the capacity to accommodate a 5-gallon air tank and dual air compressors, ensuring the horn receives ample air for a substantial honk duration of 5-6 seconds. The provision to add an extra air compressor further accelerates the air tank refill rate, optimizing the horn’s readiness to resonate its imposing tone whenever called upon.