Getting Started

The 100W PA system is a great way to have fun with your friends, and make some noise on the road. The PA can be wired so that it operates when the vehicle is on or off, or only when it is on. This brief guide will go over the steps needed to properly wire and install your PA.

Start by locating the wiring harness that was packaged along with the mounting hardware and mini blade fuses. This harness has 6 wires that come out of the plug. The harness has a plug on the end that connects to the PA. The layout of this plug is pictured below.

Public Address Unit Plug Wiring Diagram
  • The red wire can be routed from the PA to the battery positive terminal. *Do not connect this now, we will do this later*
  • The two brown wires will get routed out to the PA speaker. It does not matter which wire goes to which from the harness to the speaker. Connect these leads to the two leads coming off the speaker.
  • The yellow and blue leads are for use with the toggle switches on the front of the PA. These toggle switches can be connected to a light bar or any other accessory and used to turn it on/off. Tape these two wires off w/ electrical tape if you do plan to use them.
  • The black wire can be routed to the frame of the vehicle as a ground, or to the battery negative terminal.


Your PA system comes with a 15A fuse pre-installed and ready for use out of the box.

Brown Wires

The two brown wires that come off the harness are used as outputs for our speaker. It will not matter which side is +/- as we are only using one speaker. Connect the two brown leads to the brown & blue leads coming off the speaker assembly.

Black Wire

Can be routed to the frame of the vehicle to serve as a ground for the unit or directly to the negative terminal on the battery.

Red Wire

The red lead from the harness can be routed to the battery positive terminal, or other +12v power source capable of handling a 15A load. If the wire included on the harness is not long enough, you can use 10 or 12ga wire to extend it. Route this lead up to the battery and crimp it onto the positive terminal connector.

Yellow/Blue Wires

The yellow and blue wires on the PA are used for accessories, such as a lightbar or other 12v accessory. If your accessory pulls more than 5A of current, we recommend you run a relay in between the toggle and the accessory. We recommend connecting these leads to pin 86 (trigger side) of the relay you decide to use.

Finishing Up

Take the plug on the end of the wiring harness and connect it into the plug on the back of the PA. With everything connected, you can now turn the volume knob up to turn the unit on. Select the desired sound from the selector knob in the middle, and start making noise!