Getting Started

Using a standard on/off push button to honk your horns with is very easy to do. To start, you will need the push-button, a roll of 18awg wire, and a electrical connectors. These parts are pictured below.

Train Horn Wiring Kit

The Push Button

The button itself has two leads. It doesn't matter which lead you decide to use for either connection. The button simply makes and breaks the connection between the two wires when pressed. One of the leads from this button will be routed out to the solenoid valve, whereas the other lead will route up to a +12v power source.

Train Horn Valve Wiring Diagram

For the +12v power source, you could connect the push button directly to the positive terminal on the battery. Or you can tap into any 12v power source you have available in the vehicle. Such as a cigarette lighter or other accessory.

The Valve

The solenoid valve for the horns has two leads that come out of the top. The red lead can be routed over to the push button with the supplied blue/grey 18ga wire, while the black wire can be routed to the frame of your vehicle as a ground. At this point, you can press your push-button and ensure the valve opens and closes (makes a clicking sound).