Does this allow you to judge loudness?

No this does not allow you to just loudness. Audio Samples of our Train Horns could never do Justice for what you are hearing. These samples are useful for hearing what each note each horn makes but can't come close to showing you how loud these horns really are!

Shocker XL Train Horn

Shocker XL With 6 Horn Upgrade

Rocker Horn



Outlaw Chrome

Outlaw Black

Outlaw Marine



Nathan K3LA AirChime

Nathan K5LA AirChime

King 5

King 6

Nathan P3 AirChime

Tug-37 Horn

Safety Horn

Marine Duplex Horn

Marine Triplex Horn

Marine Quadraplex Horn

PsychoBlasters Horn

Dolphin Horn

Spocker Horn

Musket Horn

Ninja Horn

PsychoBlasters V2 Horn Kit

Caboose Horn

Bullet Horn

Ooga Horn

Motorcycle Horn

Dixie Horn