Air Horns

    Below you will find our entire collection of stand-alone air horns for pickup trucks, boats, & more. If you don't already have an air supply to power them, make sure to check out our Air Horn Kits here. 
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    The Destroyer KM-165 Air Horn
    Authentic Battleship Horn!
    1 review
    Rocker Black Air Horn
    Loudest Air Horn Available!
    4 reviews
    Wrango Air Horn (Jeep JKU 2007-2018)
    Loudest Air Horn Available!
    5 reviews
    Safety Air Horn
    Sounds like a Fire Truck!
    4 reviews
    Bandit Black Air Horn
    5 reviews
    Regular price $129.99 Sale price$106.99 Save $23.00
    HornBlasters Mother Trucker Air Horn - HornBlasters
    Mother Trucker Air Horn
    Sounds like a Big Rig Horn!
    3 reviews
    Mother Trucker Chrome Air Horn
    Sounds like a Big Rig Horn!
    Spocker Chrome Air Horn
    High Pitched Sonic Assault!
    4 reviews
    PsychoBlasters Chrome Air Horn
    Beautiful Chrome All-Brass Horn!
    3 reviews
    Caboose Air Horn
    Compact Size with a 3 Bell Blast!
    1 review
    from $113.99
    Bullet Air Horn
    Sporting the same Volume as a Gunshot!
    1 review
    from $125.99
    TUG-37 Tugboat Horn
    Classic Tugboat Brown Note!
    7 reviews
    Mini-Tug Black Air Horn
    Extra Pair of Underwear Not Included!
    2 reviews
    Super Echo Black Air Horn
    Most Obnoxious Horn Available!
    The Zephyr Whistle
    High Pitched Sonic Assault!