Ensure maximum safety and get noticed with HornBlasters Safety Horn Kits, featuring a robust Fire Truck Horn sound. Ideal for emergency situations or enhancing vehicle safety, these kits come with our Safety Air Horn that emulates the commanding tone of a firetruck. Designed for easy installation on trucks, cars, boats, and more, these kits offer the ultimate in safety and sound.

    4 artículos
    Safety Air Horn AH-S33K
    HornBlasters Safety Black Air Horn
    Sounds like a Fire Truck!
    8 reviews
    Bocina de seguridad 127H Kit de bocina de aire
    6-Second Honk Time
    1 review
    Precio habitual $491.99 Precio de oferta$399.99 Guardar $92.00
    Safety Horn 228H Air Horn Kit HK-S33K-228H
    Bocina de seguridad 228H Kit de bocina de aire
    8-Second Honk Time
    4 reviews
    Safety Horn 232 Air Horn Kit HK-S33K-232
    Bocina de seguridad 232 Kit de bocina de aire
    8-Second Honk Time & Weather Resistant
    6 reviews
    Precio habitual $659.99 Precio de oferta$594.99 Guardar $65.00