MIKE'S 2007 DODGE RAM 3500


"I was headed south out of Canton on thursday afternoon on I-77 and within 40 miles picked up my 1st tailgater, you know, the ones that get so close all you can see is the roof of their car. Well they back off pretty quick now when I sound the horn (did I mention that they installed the horns at the back of the truck pointing rearward).The tunnels in Virginia were a BLAST!! I was nice when I got home at 2 in the morning and just parked by the camper and went to bed. The next morning I went out at about 6:30 and woke up the kids in the camper. Your horns will definitely get a teenager out of bed! Its been a little over a week now and I love watching peoples reactions and the guys at work love them and want me to sound them every afternoon. Everyone wants to know where I got them and I tell them to check out your website. I hope my install makes the web page, let me know what you think."

Mike Lorenz, 35
Savannah, GA