Accuair Endo CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank

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What good is having a world-class air suspension set-up when you have a lack-luster onboard air system powering it? Support your air ride with an all-in-one system built by those who know air ride the best with the Accuair ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank! Utilizing the revolutionary ENDO tank design, Accuair has managed to deliver a sleek system that gives you a powerful compressor and advanced 2-way valve installed inside of the tank itself! Giving you maximum performance with a minimal install footprint, the Accuair ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank houses the most advanced pneumatic technology seen in decades.

Suspended within the heart of the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank you will find one of the most powerful and intelligent compressors available. The result of a collaboration between Accuair and commercial vehicle technologies giant Wabco, the compressor powering the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank delivers twice the performance of your typical compressor. The ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank will easily support up to 200 PSI and recharge the 5-gallon tank from 160-200 PSI in only 1 minute and 20 seconds, all while staying virtually silent. Thanks to the patent-pending primary and secondary isolation system that softly suspends the Wabco compressor inside the tank body, the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank runs remarkably quiet, especially for a compressor so powerful. 

Ready to be plumbed directly to your airbags, the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank features their advanced 2-way valve already pre-installed in the endcap of the tank. The ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank gives you control over your air ride like never before, allowing you to control the speed of each corner and each direction individually, using Accuair’s patented VFC™ (variable flow control) adjusters. Built to maximize your air suspension even down to the fittings, the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank gives you two 3/8" FFPTC (fully-filtered-push-to-connect) fittings that allow for quick hook-up to your suspension system and has shown to eliminate debris-induced problems seen in your typical valve. 

As impressive as the built-in tank and compressor are, the largest advancement in pneumatic technology is the modular design of the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank itself. This weldless design uses bolted endcaps that are not only easy to take apart for maintenance but have also proven to prevent leaks seen in other tanks. Precision machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, the ENDO CVT 5 Gallon 2 Corner Tank is certified for up to 200 PSI, burst tested to an insane 1324 PSI, and is the only aluminum tank that is approved by the Department of Transportation. 

This tank is available in a Raw finish, Black Cerakote finish, Bronze Cerakote finish, or a Grey Cerakote finish.

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  • Built-in Wabco Air Compressor
  • Integrated 2 Corner Valves
  • Built-In Valve Flow Controls
  • Fully Filtered & Rebuildable Fittings
  • 400 PSI Safety Blow-Off
  • Bolted Construction
  • DOT Rated & Tested
  • Certified to 200 PSI & Burst Rated to 1324 PSI
  • No-Welds (Seamless) 
  • Extruded Internal Ribs Providing Clamp-less Attachment of Endo Mounts
  • Fully Serviceable
  • 5 Gallon
  • Made & Assembled in the USA.
  • Accuair Endo CVT 5 Gallon
  • Built-in Wabco Compressor
  • Integrated 2 Corner Valves
  • Built-In Flow Controls
  • Part Number: AA-ENDO-CVT25
  • Length: 29.31"
  • Diameter: 6.6"
  • Safety Blow Off: 400 PSI Blow Off
  • Ports: 2x 1/8" , 1x 1/4" 
  • Max Pressure: 200 PSI

Warnings & Notices

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