Horn Kits for Mid-Size Pickups

    Train Horn Kit Installs
    Train Horn Kit Installs
    We design our loudest train horn kits with everything you need to have train horns installed on your truck!
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    Stebel Chrome Nautilus Compact Tuning Electric Air Horn EH-CYCLEC
    Stebel Chrome Nautilus Compact Tuning Electric Air Horn
    31 reviews
    Rhino Train Horn AH-Q3
    Rhino Train Horn
    Loudness That Will Stop you in your Tracks!
    15 reviews
    Regular price $269.99 Sale price$219.99 Save $50.00
    Bullet 127H Air Horn Kit HK-B4-127H
    Bullet 127H Air Horn Kit
    6-Second Honk Time
    8 reviews
    from $383.99
    Mini Outlaw 3 Liter Horn Kit
    4-Second Honk Time
    14 reviews
    Regular price $299.99 Sale price$289.99 Save $10.00
    Shocker S6 Train Horn AH-S6
    Shocker S6 Train Horn
    Honk Up Your S4 Kit with 2 More Horns!
    23 reviews
    from $539.99
    Outlaw 232 Train Horn Kit
    4-6 Second Honk Time & Weather Resistant
    10 reviews
    from $788.99
    Flatlaw Train Horn
    Loudest Budget Friendly Horn
    17 reviews
    Regular price $219.99 Sale price$169.99 Save $50.00
    Katrina 544K Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit
    10-Second Honk Time & Weather Resistant
    9 reviews
    Regular price $1,121.99 Sale price$999.99 Save $122.00
    Safety Air Horn
    Sounds like a Fire Truck!
    8 reviews
    Ninja Electric Horn
    8 reviews
    Regular price $81.99 Sale price$64.99 Save $17.00
    Electric Truck Horn
    13 reviews
    2-Chime 3-Liter Air Horn Kit
    5-Second Honk Time
    10 reviews
    Compact Electric Horn
    Perfect for Motorcycles
    5 reviews
    Regular price $34.99 Sale price$29.99 Save $5.00
    Sniper Electric Horn
    9 reviews
    TUG-37 Tugboat Horn AH-TUG-B37
    TUG-37 Tugboat Air Horn
    Classic Tugboat Brown Note!
    8 reviews
    Rocker Black Air Horn
    Loudest Air Horn Available!
    4 reviews
    Jackass 127H Air Horn Kit HK-B3-127H
    Jackass 127H Air Horn Kit
    6-Second Honk Time
    10 reviews
    from $371.99
    Katrina Train Horn AH-C5B
    Katrina Train Horn
    Blows Harder Than a Hurricane!
    12 reviews
    Regular price $518.99 Sale price$479.99 Save $39.00