Here’s my project vehicle so far. All that’s missing off of it is the bolt on ice chest rack (sits over spare tire), the diamond plate half doors, and the new GT steering wheel (for giggles). What’s been done to it so far is 3 coats of OD color bedliner for paint, the custom box with tool box option (access from tailgate), the compressor/tank set up behind the seats running to a QD attachment on the passenger side of the box (you’ll see the blue air hose in one of the pictures). I also ran it to your horns which you can see vaguely in one picture and in the one from the driver rear you can get a glimpse of the ass ends of the horn set.

I’ve got an 8k winch on the front, acura seats, and a fold down windshield kit. This thing is ready for when the zombies come J LoL. We got the solenoid to work. We had grounded the solenoid to the solenoid and not to one of the wires. Changing that around fixed it and now it’s blaring!