Ripcord's compact 2010 Smart Fortwo now packs a powerful punch with the installation of the Conductor's Special 228H train horn kit. Hidden behind the front bumper and grille, the Shocker XL train horns are poised, ready to deliver a robust, locomotive-like sound at a moment's notice.

In the trunk lies the 228H Air Source Unit, an essential component ensuring the horns are well-supplied with the needed air pressure. Despite its small stature, this Smart car now commands a big presence on the road, ensuring enhanced safety and a unique expression of Ripcord's daring personality.

A Message From The Owner!

Hope y'all enjoy the view...I haven't laughed this hard in a good long while...the Shockers are BRUTALLY LOUD!!! (Especially in the tunnel I go through on my way home from work every night!!) They're so freakin' loud they COMPLETELY cover up the Hadleys. The Hadleys are the same pitch but an octave higher than a couple of notes from the Shockers. Sounds WAY COOL!!