Why settle for a standard honk when you can serenade the streets (or offroad trails) with your arrival? Our collection of 12-volt electric musical horns isn't just for cars and trucks; they're a universal call to fun that can be installed on practically anything with 12-volt power. From golf carts zipping around the neighborhood to motorcycles roaring on the open road, SEMIs commanding the highways, offroad vehicles navigating rugged terrains, and SXSs exploring every corner, there's a musical horn to fit your unique mode of transport. In this guide, we'll explore the iconic tunes of the Dixie, Tequila, La Cucaracha, and the Godfather horns, ensuring you find the perfect sound to express your vehicle's personality.


The Dixie horn, with its iconic call to adventure and freedom, evokes a sense of nostalgia and rebellion. Ideal for those who see their vehicle as an extension of their spirited personality, the Dixie horn is more than just a musical accessory; it's a statement. It's especially popular among fans of the Dukes of Hazzard and those who appreciate the cultural significance of the song, making any ride an instant classic.

  • What is the Dukes of Hazzard horn called? It's commonly known as the Dixie horn, famous for its use in the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV show.
  • Why is the South called Dixie? The South is called "Dixie" possibly due to the Mason-Dixon line or the French word for ten, "dix," which was printed on ten-dollar bills issued by a New Orleans bank.
  • What does Dixie mean? "Dixie" refers to the Southern United States, especially those states that were part of the Confederacy.
  • What horn did the General Lee have? The General Lee, the iconic car from the Dukes of Hazzard, featured a Dixie horn.
  • How loud is a Dixie horn? Our Dixie horn outputs a robust 127.7 decibels, making it not just heard but felt.
The Tequila Song Celebration


The Tequila horn encapsulates the essence of fun and festivity, perfect for those who enjoy being the life of the party. Its upbeat rhythm promises to turn any vehicle into a mobile celebration, inviting smiles and dance moves from everyone around. Whether you’re leading a parade or just love to spread joy wherever you go, the Tequila horn is your ticket to an unforgettable entrance.

  • What inspires the Tequila horn? Inspired by the lively and infectious tune of the song "Tequila," this horn is all about bringing the party vibes to your vehicle, encouraging everyone to let loose and have a good time.
La Cucarach (Cockroach) Dancing


With its lively melody and unmistakable charm, the La Cucaracha horn brings a touch of humor and cultural richness to any vehicle. This horn is more than just a novelty; it's a celebration of joy and resilience, perfect for those who love to bring smiles and a bit of history to the streets. Whether it’s adding personality to your daily commute or making a statement at a car show, the La Cucaracha horn is a universally recognized tune that transcends borders and brings people together.

  • What is the meaning of Cucaracha? "Cucaracha" is the Spanish word for cockroach, an insect known for its resilience. The term carries deeper meanings in various cultural contexts, often symbolizing the ability to persevere and thrive.
  • What does La Cucaracha mean in slang? In slang, "La Cucaracha" has been used to refer playfully to someone or something that is enduring and cannot be easily gotten rid of, much like the insect's reputation for resilience.
  • Which insect is cucaracha the Spanish name for? "Cucaracha" is the Spanish name for a cockroach.
  • How do you pronounce Cucaracha? "Cucaracha" is pronounced as koo-kah-RAH-chah.
La Cucarach (Cockroach) Dancing


The Godfather horn brings an air of sophistication and respect to any vehicle, playing the iconic theme from the beloved film. This horn is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and wish to convey a sense of class and power. It’s an elegant addition that complements classic cars, luxury vehicles, and even modern rides, providing a distinctive sound that commands attention.

  • What is a Godfather horn? A Godfather horn is a musical car horn that plays the iconic theme from "The Godfather" movie, adding a touch of elegance and nostalgia.
  • What instrument is the Godfather theme? The Godfather theme is most famously played on the mandolin, creating its hauntingly beautiful melody.


Installing these musical horns is straightforward, making it an accessible upgrade for anyone looking to add personality to their vehicle or anything with 12-volts. With just a basic understanding of your vehicle's 12-volt electrical system, you can bring a unique sound to your ride. However, for those less inclined towards DIY, professional installation is always an option.


Q: Can these horns be installed on any vehicle? A: Absolutely! As long as your vehicle has a 12-volt system, which includes most cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, SEMIs, offroad vehicles, and SXSs, you can add a musical horn.

Q: Are these horns legal? A: While musical horns are legal in many areas, it's important to check local laws and regulations regarding their use, as some places may have restrictions on sound levels or specific times when they can be used.

Q: How long does installation take? A: Installation time can vary depending on the vehicle and your familiarity with its electrical system. Typically, it can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours.


Musical horns are a fantastic way to inject personality, fun, and a touch of nostalgia into your vehicle. Whether you're drawn to the playful melody of the Dixie horn, the party vibe of the Tequila horn, the cultural flair of La Cucaracha, or the classic elegance of the Godfather horn, there's a sound to match every style and occasion. So why settle for a standard beep when you can make music on the move? Explore our collection and find the perfect musical horn to express your unique vehicle personality today.