2019 Ford F250 - Conductor's Special 544K Train Horn Kit Install

2019 FORD F250

This 2019 Ford F250 Super Duty already commands the road, but our Conductor's Special 5-gallon train horn kit further amplifies its presence, making it a force to be reckoned with. The heart of this truck horn upgrade is the Shocker XL train horn, complemented by a heavy-duty air compressor and a 5-gallon air tank, together delivering a resonant blast that's impossible to ignore.

Installed in the spare tire location bolted between the frame rails, this kit achieves a clean, organized look while safeguarding the components from potential damage. This strategic placement also lends a sleek appearance to the setup, ensuring that the bold auditory statement comes with an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Beyond its incredible horn capabilities, the onboard air system serves as a multifaceted utility—it's adept for tire inflation, powering small air tools, and supplying air to load support and air suspension systems. With the reliable performance of the Conductor's Special 5-gallon train horn kit, grabbing attention on the road is effortlessly simple, whether for personal amusement or as a striking addition to a show vehicle. Its rugged construction promises durability, ensuring it stands up to challenging driving conditions for years to come.


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