Introducing Jeremy's robust 2016 Toyota Tacoma, now roaring louder with our Conductor's Special 544K Train Horn Kit. Nestled snugly in the spare tire location under the rear, the Shocker XL train horns now lend an authentic, thunderous train horn sound to this sturdy vehicle, making sure it grabs attention wherever it rolls.

The kit not only comes with our ear-shattering Shocker XL train horns but also includes a heavy-duty onboard air system. This system is a multi-tasker's dream. Need to inflate tires or some fun floaties for a day at the lake? It's got you covered. Got some small air tools to operate? It's ready to power through. The 5-gallon air tank ensures you have a solid 10-12 seconds of blaring horn time, and thanks to the constant duty air compressor, tank recovery is a breeze, clocking in at just over 2-3 minutes for a full 200 PSI charge.

While Jeremy has opted to increase his system to 200 PSI for those demanding air tool tasks, he's got a high-pressure regulator on board to keep the horns operating safely at a max of 150 PSI, as recommended. This thoughtful configuration ensures both the safety and longevity of the system, aligning with our quality standards.