2009 Hummer H3 Train Horn Install

2009 HUMMER H3

Infusing a robust sound to match its vigorous appearance, EL's 2009 Hummer H3 now boasts our Conductor's Special 244K train horn kit. This installation fits seamlessly into the vehicle, embodying a blend of aesthetics and audibility that amplifies the Hummer's presence on the road. The Shocker XL train horns, known for their loudness and authentic locomotive sound, find a harmonious home in the Hummer's sturdy frame, ready to announce its arrival with a blast reminiscent of a freight train's call.

In addition to the commanding sound, the HornAir 244K onboard air system adds a layer of practical functionality to the setup. Beyond the horns, the air system's constant duty air compressor stands ready to assist with tire inflation and small air tool operations, making this installation a blend of fun and function. EL's Hummer H3, with the Conductor's Special 244K train horn kit, now carries a sound as bold as its appearance, ensuring it's never overlooked on the thoroughfare.


Shocker XL Train Horns Mounted in Spare Tire Location
Air System mounted in Cargo Area