Here to make a statement, Liberty Forged built this absolutely beautfiul 2021 Ford F450. Managed by KEG Media and featured at the 2021 SEMA show, this build features one of their newest wheels to hit the market. Their 26x14 Super Dually LBTY14’s. Finished with a Polished Face and Jazz Blue windows/backs, these wheels definitely supplement this truck well!

Installed in the rear where the spare tire was located, you will find our Shocker S6 544K train horn kit. The Goliath train horn mount is bolted directly to the frame rails of the vehicle in the spare tire location. This creates an extremely clean and professional look. Arriving in a raw steel finish, the Goliath mount is a perfect piece to powdercoat to match your vehicle. As pictured below, the Goliath mount is powdercoated Jazz Blue to match the Wicked Customs suspension lift and other details on the truck!

The Goliath mount takes all the guess work out of deciding where you are going to mount your components. Not only do you get a bracket that looks as good as the truck it’s going on, it also saves you time on the installation and gives you a rock solid mounting solution!


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