Andy's 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche has been upgraded with some serious sound power thanks to the Nathan Airchime K5LA train horn. The K5LA is widely recognized as one of the most powerful train horns available, capable of producing thunderous blasts that are sure to turn heads and get attention. The horn features five tuned trumpets that work in harmony to create an unmistakable and authentic train horn sound. The K5LA is designed to be incredibly durable and reliable, ensuring that it will provide many years of impressive and attention-grabbing blasts.

In addition to the K5LA, Andy's Avalanche is also equipped with a Grand White E-Bell, an electric train bell that produces a classic, nostalgic train sound. This bell complements the K5LA perfectly and adds an additional layer of sound to the already impressive setup. Together, the K5LA and E-Bell create a unique and powerful sound that is sure to grab attention and turn heads on the road.