BROOKS' 2022 FORD F350

Brooks' 2022 Ford F350 Super Duty just got way more impressive with the addition of the HornBlasters Conductor's Special 244K Dual Tank Spare Tire Delete kit. This innovative setup is designed to replace the spare tire on most full-size pickup trucks, making it a killer addition for Brooks' F350.

The kit packs a 2-gallon air tank and a heavy-duty HornBlasters 1NM air compressor, delivering plenty of air and power to blast the included Shocker XL train horns. These horns are hand-tuned to produce a real train horn tone that can be heard from miles away. Besides making a bold statement on the road, this kit adds some handy features like being able to air up tires or use small air tools on the go.

With its heavy-duty air system and loud, attention-grabbing train horns, the Conductor's Special 244K Spare Tire Delete kit is the go-to choice for any truck owner looking to level up. Brooks' F350 is now set to turn heads and bring the noise wherever it rolls.