Casey's 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD High Country

Riding high on a 12-14" Full Throttle Suspension Lift along with 26" Hostile Forged Wheels and 40" Tires. Casey's 2020 Silverado 2500HD High Country definitely needed a horn that matches its size in loudness. In the spare tire location you will find our Conductor's Special 2485 Train Horn Kit with our Spare Tire Delete Bracket. Not only do you get an insanely loud train horn with this kit, but the air system doubles as a capable onboard air system. Providing you with the ability to air up a tire or use an air tool if needed. Making this the perfect dual purpose solution.

The Shocker XL Train Horns featured in our Conductor's Special kits are our most popular along with being the best bang for your buck. Coming in at 147.7 decibels, under the real locomotive horns that produce 149.4 decibels, the Shocker XL Train Horns are also hand-tuned to sound just like them as well. So not only are you getting the loudness of a real locomotive horn, but you are getting the tone of one as well!

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