Chad's 1992 Eagle Talon now boasts the commanding presence of our Shocker XL train horn, installed strategically in the engine bay. Now, when Chad unleashes the power of the Shocker XL, the unmistakable blast reverberates through the engine bay, leaving a lasting impact on anyone within earshot.

In addition to the horn installation, Chad took full advantage of the available space in his vehicle, opting to install the air system in the trunk. With the air system securely housed in the trunk, Chad can confidently navigate the roads, knowing that the Shocker XL train horn is ready to make a bold statement whenever called upon.

Chad's 1992 Eagle Talon has been transformed into a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the installation of the Shocker XL train horn. With its placement in the engine bay and the air system neatly tucked away in the trunk, Chad can experience the full power and impact of the Shocker XL, making his presence known wherever he goes. Prepare to be stunned by the commanding sound and impressive installation of the Shocker XL train horn on Chad's 1992 Eagle Talon.