In Cody's 2010 Toyota Tundra Crewmax, the installation of our Shocker XL train horn has taken a unique stance. Nestled meticulously underneath the vehicle using custom brackets, the Shocker XL train horn now sits as a hidden gem ready to showcase its prowess at a moment's notice. Known for its hand-tuned ability to mimic the commanding bellow of a locomotive, the Shocker XL is the loudest horn we manufacture. This isn't just about having a loud horn; it's about infusing the vehicular presence with an audial signature that's both unmistakable and unmissable.

This setup epitomizes the essence of merging robust sound with sleek installation. The custom brackets ensure a neat undercarriage placement, allowing for a stealthy look while housing a horn that's anything but subtle. For those looking to infuse their vehicle with a sound that matches the bold aesthetics of Cody's Tundra, this Shocker XL train horn setup is a perfect example. The installation underscores the fact that with the right horn kit, you can transform a drive into a bold statement of presence and power.