A Message From David

Hi Matt, Thanks again for the order. I would like to tell you the story about my trip to lunch a few days ago. I have a 94 Honda Ferio(RHD shipped from Japan; pictures of install to follow) and it's a small car. A friend of mine came by my work to go to lunch with me one-day last week. As we were driving down FM1960(Houston, TX) we came up on some stopped traffic and it just so happened to be by some railroad tracks. So I do my job of crossing the tracks by blowing the horn(conductors special). and it cleared the traffic right up. As I look in my rearview mirror I was astonished to see the traffic(all 3 lanes) were stopped at the tracks. I then look to the other side of the street and see the same thing. My friend and I started busting out loud. I stopped 6 lanes of traffic with 2 horn blasts. This is a great horn set. I love it. FM1960 is one of the busiest roads in Houston, and I was able to get everyone to stop. Anywho, it was fun and I will do it again soon, I am sure of it. BTW, I have also communicated with a train and scared the crap out of ppl.

I go to a lot of car shows with my car and it is always a hit. All my friends know when I enter the parking lot. They always want me to hit the horn, however, sometimes I flick my little paddle switch and blow the factory horn. They all look funny standing there with their hands over there ears and all they hear is a wimpy Honda horn. Everyone looks at them funny til I hit the train horn. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing more business with you soon.