The 2010 Honda Civic has been remarkably upgraded with the installation of the Conductor's Special 232 Train Horn Kit. The Shocker XL Train Horns, renowned for their authentic and intense train horn sound, have been securely mounted underneath the rear of the car, embodying a blend of stealth and power.

In the trunk lies the HornAir 232 Onboard Air System, consisting of a 2-Gallon Air Tank that provides about 5-7 seconds of potent blast time. The constant-duty air compressor not only powers the horns but also adds utility, enabling the airing up of tires and the use of air tools, embodying a fusion of functionality and audacious sound.

A Word from the Owner

I bought the AH-S4 horns and the Horn-Air kit with the 2-gallon tank way back in March and didn't get around to actually installing them on my Honda Civic till early June. After I got the install done I couldn't believe how loud those damn horns are. Words honestly can't explain the amount of noise these horns put out. I waited two years before I purchased the horns and I kick myself in the butt for waiting that long. Anyone who complains about these horns must have been born without a sense of humor. This was money well spent!
- Jason


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