GERRY'S 2018 FORD F250 "DTF"

Discover Gerry's 2018 F250 Super Duty, a marvel crafted for the 2017 SEMA Show! This build transcends ordinary with its exceptional fab work, transforming the stock cab into a Mega Cab akin to those on Dodge trucks! The marvel doesn't end there; it flaunts a 14-18" Ultimate Air Ride air suspension lift and 28x16 Specialty Forged wheels encased in 42" Fury Tires.

A build of this stature demanded a train horn to match. Enter the Shocker XL train horns, the perfect choice to gift this behemoth the roaring loudness and tone of a locomotive! With an onboard air system already in place for the air suspension, the installation was a breeze—just a matter of mounting the horns and plumbing them to the air tank. A few wire runs later, and the honking commenced! The truck’s audacious moniker, "Daddies Trust Fund", resonates well with its impressive persona.