Henry's 2001 Hummer H1 Train Horn Install

A Word from the Owner

Dear Hornblasters, 
We ordered a custom made kit from you guys a few months back and here are the pics off what we've been working on. All the brackets and mounts were all machined and hand made. We also added a couple of outlets on both sides of the Hummer for use of air tools. We added a switch bank in the center of the dash to operate the horn and compressor along with other accessories. The best spot we found to put the compressors and tanks was on the roof rack. This thing sees a lot of off road use so we didn't want to put it below. Even though it was up top, we still need to keep it protected from tree branches. So we built a housing set up for the tanks and compressors. Knowing the filters on the compressors would probably get wet being on the roof, we relocated the filters to covered box. We also put the relays in the covered box as well. After everything was all said and done we decided to paint everything black to go with the theme of the Hummer, even the K3 horns. Everything is working great and you guys were very helpful every step of the way! Enjoy the pics and feel free to contact us of you have any questions.