So you want more blast time but don't want to replace your tank with a bigger one. Why not just add a second tank? A second tank can be added to your system easily with a couple of fittings and some air line.

Choosing a Tank

Before you purchase a tank to add to your system, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • How much air capacity am I adding to the kit?
  • Is the compressor strong enough for the increased capacity?
  • Will the increased fill-time be a problem?

If your system currently has one compressor, there's a good chance it is rated for a tank size up to 5-gallons. You can check your compressor model to determine the max tank size for the unit. In general, most Viair compressors are good up to a 5-gallon capacity. If you exceed 5-gallons, a second compressor is recommended.

If you have a 2-gallon tank and want to add another, you can usually do so without adding another compressor. If you were trying to add a 5-gallon tank instead, a second compressor is necessary to make this work properly.

5-Gallon Air Tank
2-Gallon Air Tank

How do we connect the tanks together?

The air tanks can be connected together by running an air line in between the two tanks. You would need to run a 1/2" line in between the two tanks so that the air from one can travel to the other. This in turn means that both tanks will always be at the same pressure. It won't matter which of the two tanks you decide to use as the outlet to the horn(s) themselves. You can use whichever port is most convenient to run a line out for your horns or air accessories.

Alternatively, you could use a hex nipple type fitting to connect the two tanks together.


This fitting has a 1/2" NPT thread on both ends. If you plan to mount your tanks side-by-side, this fitting could be used to 'thread' the tanks to each other.

How far away can the tanks be from each other?

The air tanks can be as far apart as you need them to be. There is no real limit as to how far you can separate them. Keep in mind that if you go further than 50', a larger line may be required to ensure a steady amount of airflow between the two tanks. As your air line length increases, the amount of resistance in the line increases as well. Similar to a garden hose.