JASON'S 2000 GMC 1500 (PANDA)

Jason's 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 is a brilliant display of customization, boasting a custom-built 4-link air suspension, controlled by our 1/2" Electric Air Valves. The gold powder-coated suspension components shimmer as the truck flexes its elevated stature. But it’s not just the aesthetics that got a boost; the auditory presence of this rig is equally compelling.

Under the toolbox lies the heart of this truck’s loud demeanor - two sets of our Shocker XL Train Horns, ready to bellow out their dominance on the road. These horns are seamlessly integrated with the existing onboard air system that powers the air suspension, that consists of our robust 20-Gallon Air Tank and four Viair 444C Air Compressors. This setup not only provides an ample supply of air for the suspension but ensures that when Jason honks the Shockers, the sound resonates with the might of a locomotive, echoing across the landscape. The meticulous installation enables a harmonious operation between the air suspension and the horns, reflecting a marriage of form, function, and fun in vehicle customization.