JASON'S 2007 FORD F150

Dive into the rich, thunderous sound of the Conductor's Special 232 train horn kit on Jason's 2007 Ford F150. The components, mounted directly to the crossmembers in the spare tire location, provide a solid anchorage for the Shocker XL train horns, renowned for their extreme loudness and classic train sound.

A 2-gallon onboard air system powers the horns, ensuring a ready supply of air for a commanding performance. This installation not only augments the truck's auditory appeal but also showcases a smart approach to component placement, providing a robust truck horn upgrade that's both functional and striking.


"Hey Guys,

After hours and hours of just finding a place for these things and making it come out right they are done. I love them, super loud way louder then my buddies. I had to weld up a custom bracket and what not. Compressor is up high away from water. It was a task but it looks as if it came on the truck. I have some pics sorry i couldnt get good angles, and fit everything in one clean shot. Ill try again later on... Thanks again so far so good. Man they are loud and put a smile on my face like no other."

  • Fabtech 6in coilover performance system, rear resi shocks
  • Toyo opencountry 35in tires
  • American racing punisher rims 20in
  • Amp research power steps
  • Flow master 40series dual exhaust
  • MagHytec diff case cover
  • Some led lights inside and out
  • Hornblaster Conductor's Special train horn kit