Jerry's 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is now equipped with the powerful Nathan Airchime K3 train horn and the Nathan Airchime 3 Bell Remote Mounting kit from HornBlasters. With its unmistakable tone and attention-catching volume, the K3 horn is sure to turn heads wherever it's used.

To make installation a breeze, Jerry opted for the 3 Bell Remote Mounting kit, which provides all the essential hardware for individual horn installation without relying on the cumbersome manifold. With this kit, Jerry was able to mount the three horns behind his grille and front bumper, creating a clean and seamless look.

Designed for seamless integration with the K3 or P3 Nathan Airchime horns, the kit includes everything needed to connect to an existing air valve. With easy installation and compatibility, the 3-Bell Remote Mounting Kit simplified the process of setting up Jerry's impressive horn system.