Johnny's 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 now commands a formidable auditory presence with the installation of our Conductor's Special 844K Train Horn Kit. The Shocker XL train horns, known for their earth-shaking loudness, are strategically bolted to the toolbox in the bed of the truck. These horns are hand-tuned to produce a sound that mimics a real locomotive horn, ensuring Johnny's truck is heard clear across the highway. The installation doesn't just stop at scaring the daylights out of unsuspecting jaywalkers; it's a statement of Johnny’s bold aesthetic and functional preferences.

Inside the toolbox lies the heart of the air system - an 8-gallon air tank paired with dual constant duty air compressors. This setup provides a generous honk time of approximately 12-16 seconds, making sure Johnny can hold that blaring note for an impressive duration. Besides fueling the horns, this robust onboard air system also serves practical needs. The dual compressors ensure that there's enough air to inflate tires or power small air tools, adding a layer of functional utility to this loud and proud setup. Whether it's grabbing attention with a booming horn blast or handling on-the-road air needs, Johnny’s GMC Sierra 1500 is now well-equipped for both.