JOHN'S 2014 DODGE RAM 2500

Witness the transformation of John's 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 with the installation of our versatile and powerful Conductor's Special Spare Tire Delete Kit. This ingenious kit not only replaces the spare tire but also serves a dual purpose, offering an extremely loud horn and an onboard air system that brings convenience and utility to new heights.

By removing the spare tire and implementing the Conductor's Special Spare Tire Delete Kit, John's Dodge Ram 2500 gains an incredible upgrade. This purpose-built kit not only optimizes space utilization but also introduces an onboard air system capable of handling various tasks. Whether it's airing up tires or using small air tools, this kit provides the functionality you need.

Embrace the versatility and convenience provided by the Conductor's Special Spare Tire Delete Kit. This innovative solution not only frees up space but also equips your vehicle with a powerful horn and a reliable onboard air system. Say goodbye to the limitations of a traditional spare tire and embrace the endless possibilities this kit provides.