JOSH'S 2018 FORD F350

Take a gander at Josh's 2018 Ford F350 Super Duty Dually, rightfully nicknamed the Alpha Dually! This massive dually commands attention at first sight, but the real spectacle is revealed when you delve beneath its sturdy facade. The impressive powdercoated white 4-link suspension lift deserved a companion that's equally stunning. And what could be a better pairing than a insanely loud chrome train horn?

Nestled right next to the polished exhaust is our Admiral Marine Train Horn, powered by our Stainless Steel 5-Gallon Air Tank and a heavy-duty air compressor. While many builds opt for a stealthy train horn setup, Josh’s Alpha Dually boldly displays its all-chrome train horn kit for the world to see. This eye-catching setup is not merely a visual delight but an auditory banquet, designed to captivate both your sight and your ears!