This here is a 2016 Subaru WRX, Kristin Justus took this to the 2017 Sema Show. In this vehicle, there wasn't a lot of room to mount a train horn. So created a custom 3 horn Shocker XL Train Horn to fit in the frontend. The 3 horns are mounted to a bracket that is mounted behind the grille of the car. Providing the perfect hiding spot to stuff these ridiculously loud train horns! After installing the horns all Kristin had to do was tap into the existing onboard air system for the air suspension and within minutes she's off honking!

With the power and tone of a locomotive at her fingertips., Kristin no longer has to worry about lifted trucks not seeing her or distracted drivers cutting her off. One quick blast and she will have every driver within a mile radius aware of her presence. So not only does Kristin have a horn that she can enjoy honking but a very important safety precaution to provide her with a voice on the road!