LARRY'S 2019 FORD F250

Here is Larry's 2019 Ford F250 that was built for the 2021 SEMA show! Working along side Keg Media to bring this build to life, they were able to pull together some of the best brands in the industry to produce the absolute beauty you see above. Some of the key features of this build that stand out right away are the massive 28x14" Forged TIS Wheels wrapped in 42" Fury M/T Tires, Stryker suspension lfit kit, and the Road Armor bumpers. When you go this big you can skimp out and rock the wimpy stock horn. You gotta give your truck a voice that it can be proud of!

In comes the Katrina 544K train horn kit! This system was the perfect solution for Larry wanting something extremely loud and easy to install. You will find the kit tucked together nicely in his spare tire location. The entire onboard air system and the horn are mounted to the cross members in this location utilizing the feet located on the bottom of them. Another great feature about the 5-gallon onboard air system is it provides roughly 10 seconds of honk time and the ability to air up a tire or use small air tools if needed!



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