Manny's 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Taking clean and simple to an all new level, Manny's 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD brings the heat with it's perfect mixture of show truck and practical daily driver. Few of the main features of this truck include the 26" Forgiato Wheels, 33" Venom Tires, HornBlasters Conductor's Special 2485K Dual Spare Tire Delete Kit, and the Cognito Suspension Lift. With the combination of black and gold on these key components, it really complements the truck very well giving it that show truck look while keeping it practical enough to daily drive everyday.

A great feature of the horn kit installed on his truck are the Shocker XL train horns utilized in it. They are the loudest you can get without going with the authentic locomotive horns we carry and they're hand-tuned to sound just like them. So not only does it look amazing color matched to the suspension, it provides you with the power of a locomotive at your fingertips! Providing you with a voice on the road in any situation of course comes in handy but, the air system in this kit also doubles as a capable onboard air system. Giving you the ability to air up tires or use an air tool if needed.