A Word from the Owner


I got the horns in the car. It told my mechanic to try to make them fit even though there was very little room. I also told him not to “hack” the car up, and if they wouldn’t fit, that you said you would take them back. He called me early afternoon and said he was only able to get the 2 smallest horns in the car. I was disappointed and frankly, I didn’t expect much.

Then I hit the switch --- and O M G!!!!!!!!!

Even with the smallest 2 horns - the sound is deafening. I am very pleased with the performance and have included some photos of the installation. It is very hard to see the horns, as they had to be “shoe horned” into the car, under the front bumper, in front of the radiator.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for any luxury car owner that might be contemplating adding your products to their vehicle.

Mark R.