Matt's 1996 Ford Bronco Train Horn Install

A Word from the Owner

My name is Matt. I live in Southern, New Jersey and I installed the HornBlasters 540 Shocker Locomotive Train horn kit on my 96 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer. The installation went very smoothly, and was completed in about 6 hours. (first time installing) A couple minor problems I encountered were the hoses coming through the floor getting crushed by the backseat, and the Teflon tape expanding and contracting in the cold weather causing a few leaks. Both were fixed in 5 minutes, by cutting the bottom of the backseat, and just tightening and adding more tape. If you want attention, your going to get it! Recently my truck was broken into by some jerkoff who decided to try and steal, but couldn't, so temporarily broke my compressor. MAKE SURE you bolt everything and expose little to no wiring! Otherwise you'll have some prick steal your solenoids' ground wire. I fixed everything (broken window and ground wire) in about 5 minutes, and will proceed to catch guy in the following days of sending this in. This kit has been the best investment I have made for my truck by far. From the Ordering process, to the 24 hour tech support. To the product quality, to the final installation. Overall it was the best experience with a company I ever had over the phone. If you want outstanding service and products worth the money, HornBlasters is the way to go!

Featuring: One of Our Conductor’s Special 540 Train Horn Kit

Powerful, insanely loud, and all in a compact kit: the Shocker 540 train horn kit delivers the performance you need. The Shocker 540 features the insanely loud, American-made, Shocker Horns. These horns are ridiculously loud and, more importantly, actually sound like a train! The horns are hand-tuned in the USA to the government mandated train signal chord. Simply put, they sound completely authentic.

Coupled with these impressive horns is an even more impressive air system. This air system was designed from the ground up to work amazingly with train horns and it does just that. The 5 gallon tank can recharge from 110 to 150 PSI in just 1 minute and 45 seconds! This is because we matched Viair’s highest performing compressor in its class, the 400C. This pump is powerful and comes with Viair’s impressive reliability and warranty.The air system features everything you’ll need to have an extremely loud train horn kit up and running in no time; including, a weatherproof pressure switch with built in relay, all the fittings and air line you’ll need, and of course the wire and terminals to get it all hooked up. This complete train horn kit is ridiculously loud!

So maybe you have a big truck or SUV with a wimpy stock horn; or maybe you have a car and need some extra attention on the road; or maybe you just want to have a ridiculously loud horn! No matter what your reason is, this horn kit is the answer: you get unparalleled Shocker XL performance, paired with a powerful 220 watt air system, and the kit fits on just about anything.Read More