This 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse owned by a seasoned car enthusiast is now home to the Shocker XL train horns, discreetly housed in the stock sidemount intercooler location. After hours of meticulous crafting and repeated fitting, a custom bracket was birthed, securing all four horns tightly. This discreet placement not only augments the horns’ loudness but also keeps them hidden from curious eyes, a stealth appreciated by car aficionados.

The installation is equipped with a smart activation mechanism, inclusive of a toggle and a momentary switch, alongside a wireless remote controller, adding a quirky yet functional touch to the setup. This well-thought-out arrangement, providing both amusement and a powerful sound projection, truly sets this Mitsubishi Eclipse apart in local car gatherings, much to the owner’s delight.


This being my second install I was prepared for the job and planned ahead. I decided to keep the horns out of the engine bay and facing downwards, I found this to help make them sound louder. The quick connect air fittings are what made the mounting possible. I spent about 6 hours making a one off bracket to tightly fit all four horns in the stock sidemount intercooler location. I went through the following process about 30 times: measuring, cutting, welding, mounting horns, bolting in to check fitment, measuring again, removing, unbolting horns, then starting all over again. In the end it was worth it because there was no other way to fit them in such a tight spot. They are in front of the front passenger wheel, I also re-installed the plastic splash guard for protection and stealth so you cannot see them from the outside. even with the engine bay open the way the sit behind and under the air filter has not caught anyone's eye yet, even guys I know who have been around dsm's for years. Again, on the quick connect fittings, they are 10x better than the older style you have to use two wrenches to tighten and they are less likely to leak.

Similar to my first install I put a toggle switch in to control the pump and a momentary switch hidden in the ashtray to blow the horns. I also wired in a momentary remote wireless controller so if I am within 400ft with no major obstructions I can wireless blow the horns. It has made for some really fun times at the local parking lots. I especially enjoy parking in the local burger king parking lot when all the 16-year-old honda kids are having their own little car show. I purposely park close to them get out, say nothing and walk inside to get a soda. Once we are inside they tend to drift over to the car and start checking it out. Then I blow the horns while watching through the window and they all jump.